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"The wise choose their advertising carefully and that’s why I have decided to give this testimonial for Southern Charm. We got leads from the very first issue of Southern Charm.  Marci has been in the advertising business a very long time and she knows which mailing lists to choose to help bring in the business for you.   I highly recommend doing business with Marci and her beautiful Southern Charm booklet."

Chantale Persinger

Owner, Closets By Design

“Our Southern Charm ads are always so beautiful and we get a great customer response from them. We know we are hitting our target demographic using Southern Charm.”

Tina Mast

Communications Director, Homewood Nursery & Garden Center

“Marci, with Your Southern Charm, is wonderful, and my business has blasted up since
I signed up with her company.”

Ken Ellis

Owner, A+ Tree and Crane

“Marci of Southern Charm is a miracle worker! From the beginning of our working relationship, she has been courteous, kind, prompt, and always available to answer any questions we may have. She is a true master of her trade, and has been a huge player in the development of our new business. You can tell that she has a true passion for what she does, and that she enjoys working together with owners to help take their business to the next level! Thank you Marci, you are simply the best!”

Ashton Harris

Falls Pointe Dentistry

“I have been advertising with Marci since I opened 20 years ago. When MM closed across the nation, I knew that Marci would rise up and bring all of us businesses something even better.
We absolutely LOVE Your Southern Charm. We mail 40,000 homes in the Wake Forest/Wakefield area, and I am very pleased with the results and profits that we get every month. The HUGE page size is wonderful, and the high demographics that she mails to is perfect for us.”


Owner, Los Tres Magueyes- Wake Forest

“After my first two mailings last year with Your Southern Charm, the response was the best
Of any direct mail that I had ever done in my 15+ years in business. Now, I continue to see the strength
That Your Southern Charm brings to my bottom line, and her customer service and graphic design are Simply “over the top” . We love Your Southern Charm all the way around.”


Owner, Tony's Pizza

“I have been amazed at the quality and quantity of customers that I get each time Your Southern Charm comes out in my zone. “Thrilled” is an understatement”! I would recommend Your Southern Charm to any business that wants to grow!”

Cheryl C.

Cosmetologist ( Signature Salon Studios)

“I’ve been doing business with Marci for close to two years. Marci is “Your Southern Charm”. Her attention to detail and personal touch is unmatched by any other media that I advertise with . Your Southern Charm in general is one of my “go to” publications for lead generation. “

John Hocking

Owner, EcoView Windows

"I am the owner of Los Tres Brier Creek. We are very pleased with the results and customer traffic that
We receive for advertising every month in Your Southern Charm . Our customers even comment about
Your Southern Charm and how they look for it every month. She's given us the front cover a few times, and it is really beautiful and works so well. We have always trusted Marci to bring us great customer traffic.
I would recommend Your Southern Charm to any business."


Owner, Los Tres Magueyes- Brier Creek

“CityRock has been using Your Southern Charm since it’s inception and it has provide great results! They provide a beautiful layout and very professional presentation. I would recommend them to anyone looking to grow their business!”

Colton Crump

CityRock Countertops

“I am thrilled to give My Southern Charm a well-deserved 5-star review for their outstanding direct mail advertising service. From start to finish, my experience with them has been exceptional.
Marci and her team provided me with top-notch customer service, ensuring that all my questions were promptly answered. Their team was professional, knowledgeable, and friendly, making the entire process seamless.”


Owner, Slabworks

“We have been working with Marci and her team for years, and we especially love our presentation in Your Southern Charm with our double spread.  Their graphic designers are the best we’ve ever had. 

We mail all of the 100,000 homes she has every Fall and Spring, and we are very pleased with our response from Your Southern Charm.”


Owner, Family Home and Garden

“We have been working with Marci for years, and we love her ideas teamed with her outstanding graphics department.  We mail every Fall and Spring, and our response is excellent.”


Owner, Macon Gardens

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